What are Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns are a restorative procedure that maintains your tooth’s appearance and shape. Crowns rest over a decayed tooth or a dental implant. Dental crown procedures are quite common and provide several benefits for your oral health and smile.

Eagle Creek Dental offers dental crowns near you. Along with dental crowns, our dentist in Burnaby offers multiple restorative dental procedures.

Dental Crown Procedure

Getting a dental crown often takes two appointments. The first visit usually involves taking X-rays to look at the tooth and surrounding bone. If there are further issues with your tooth, such as decay or infection, your dentist may have to perform a root canal rather than a dental crown.

The dentist will remove the damaged or infected areas from your tooth and then make a mold at the second visit. There are different materials for crowns, but many people opt for ones that match the color of your other natural teeth. If your permanent crown is not made yet, our dentist in Burnaby will fit you with a temporary one. Once the permanent crown is ready, we will place it over your remaining natural tooth and cement it.

Dental Crown Benefits

If you are looking into receiving dental crowns near you, here are some of the benefits that the procedure offers:

Makes Chewing Easier

Damaged and lost teeth can feel very sore and make eating and chewing difficult. Our dentist in Burnaby will ensure that you can go back to enjoying your meals. With the placement of a dental crown, you can go back to eating your favorite meals with few restrictions.

Protecting Your Teeth

When we do a dental crown procedure, we work hard to preserve as much of your natural tooth as possible. If we’re using the crown to cover an implant, the procedure will help keep the implant strong. The dental crown will give your teeth full function and full protection. Bacteria will not be able to penetrate the crown as it is bonded into place. Of course, daily brushing, flossing, and regular dental exams are still important!

Solution to Dental Issues

Dental crowns in Burnaby solve many dental problems. If your tooth is damaged, missing, or needs a root canal, you can get a crown placed to restore your smile. Moreover, dental crowns are usable with dental implants or dental bridges if necessary.

Possible Side Effects of Dental Crowns

If you are experiencing any of the below side effects, you should reach out to our dentist near you. We will help resolve your issue promptly to solve any discomfort you are experiencing.

Loose Crown

After your crown is placed, we go over after-care instructions with you. Sometimes, you’ll have to avoid eating sticky or hard food for the first few days after your appointment. A loose crown can feel painful and cause tooth sensitivity to pressure and hot or cold temperatures.

Chip in the Crown

Aggressive chewing on hard or sticky items can also lead to a chip in the crown. Moreover, if a dentist doesn’t apply the crown correctly, it can also crack.


Some people experience allergic reactions from the crown material, or the tooth does not suit the crown perfectly. Contact our clinic if you are experiencing any discomfort so we can help!

Dental Crowns Near You

Contact our dentist near you if you require a dental crown placement or if your crown has become loose or chipped.

Eagle Creek Dental places dental crowns for individuals who need to protect and strengthen their teeth. We make sure they match your natural teeth and feel comfortable. If you would like to book, you can do so online or by giving us a call.

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