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Dental Fillings Near You

A dental filling is a treatment that is used to restore damaged or decayed teeth. A filling works to seal a cavity and prevent it from causing further damage to your teeth. At Eagle Creek Dental Centre, we offer dental fillings as a form of restorative dentistry to our patients.

Types of Dental Fillings

We offer two kinds of dental fillings at Eagle Creek Dental Centre:

Amalgam Fillings: These are the most common type of fillings used and are made out of a mixture of mercury, tin, silver, and copper. They are obvious in the mouth but are the most long-lasting and durable of fillings.
Composite Fillings: These are made out of resin that is the same colour as your natural teeth, allowing them to seamlessly blend in your mouth, creating a natural look. These are an excellent choice when looking to get a filling on teeth closer to the front of your mouth.

When you visit our dental clinic, our dentist will speak to you about which filling they believe is best suited to your needs.

Dr. Peter Servinis
Dr. Peter Servinis

What is the Process for Getting Dental Fillings?

If you’re looking to receive dental fillings in Burnaby, the procedure is quick and simple. The process will begin with your dentist numbing the affected area to ensure that you do not feel any pain. They will then remove the decayed portion of your tooth, disinfect the area and seal it with their chosen filling material. The filling will then be shaped, buffed, and polished to fit the structure of your natural tooth and fit comfortably with your bite. After receiving a dental filling, your tooth will be restored to its original strength and function.

What Are the Benefits of Getting Dental Fillings? 

Dental fillings are beneficial for numerous reasons, such as:

  • Strengthening your teeth
  • Maintaining your tooth enamel
  • Enhancing your smile
  • Providing a long-lasting solution
  • Preventing further tooth decay

Dental fillings are very durable and can last for many years. They are an effective way of restoring your tooth’s function while maintaining its structure.

Searching for Dental Fillings Near You?

At Eagle Creek Dental Centre, we put your oral health and comfort above all else. We are happy to offer composite and amalgam fillings in Burnaby to patients looking for a quick and safe way to restore decayed teeth. Please feel free to contact our clinic today and schedule an appointment for dental fillings near you.