Cosmetic dentistry refers to the practice of transforming a patient’s smile by addressing and masking the cosmetic imperfections present in it. The main goal of cosmetic dentistry in Burnaby is to maintain the oral function, health, and appearance of people’s smiles.

Improving your smile can boost your confidence and make you feel loads better about yourself. With modern advances in dental technology, our team at Eagle Creek Dental is able to offer our patients a wide range of cosmetic dentistry treatments. Read on to learn about the latest trends in cosmetic dentistry near you.

Smile Makeover

This is a mixture of cosmetic dentistry procedures performed by your dentist in Burnaby to help you achieve the perfect smile. Some of the procedures that may be involved in a smile makeover include dental bonding, dental implants, dental veneers, and teeth whitening. As more and more people are looking to achieve the sparkling smile they see in magazines, smile makeovers are becoming exceedingly popular.

Dental Bonding

This is an efficient and simple way to enhance your smile and overall appearance. Many individuals have cracks, chips, or gaps in their teeth, contributing to the poor appearance of their smiles. Dental bonding is an excellent option for individuals who have minor to moderate cosmetic imperfections.

Gum Contouring

Gum contouring or reshaping is performed by a dentist near you to address gum recession or a condition known as a “gummy smile.” A “gummy smile” is where the gums overtake the majority of your smile, making for an uneven appearance. By reshaping your gums, you can get an ideal-looking smile. This is a fairly complex and painful process, so ensure that you speak to your dentist about all the pros and cons before moving forward with it.

Porcelain Veneers

Popular amongst celebrities, porcelain veneers can also be used to improve a smile. These are paper-thin, tooth-colored shells bonded to the front of teeth to mask imperfections such as cracks, chips, and stains.

This procedure is so popular because it is a very durable and natural-looking way to improve a smile. If you are interested in porcelain veneers, you should note that getting them is a permanent decision, as your dentist will have to remove some of your tooth enamel to place them.

Clear Aligners

Those who have misaligned teeth often avoid getting braces because they do not want to deal with the frustration and embarrassment of this orthodontic treatment. With clear aligners, patients can align their teeth while maintaining a nice-looking smile throughout their treatment.

Dental Implants

Having missing teeth can cause many problems for your oral health, including making you look older and changing your appearance for the worse. Dental implants replace missing teeth and restore the youthful appearance of your face and smile. Although dental implants are very successful, they tend to be more popular amongst older patients.

Interested in Cosmetic Dentistry?

Overall, cosmetic dentistry treatments are performed to improve your smile and boost your confidence. When it comes to getting cosmetic dentistry treatments, choosing the right dentist is essential. Whether you want to improve your appearance, achieve an attractive smile, or restore your speaking and chewing capabilities, getting the right treatment from a qualified dentist is of the utmost importance. At Eagle Creek Dental, we are happy to provide our patients with a wide range of cosmetic dental services. Please do not hesitate to contact us and book a consultation today!