Tooth Extractions Offered in Burnaby

Tooth extractions are offered at our Burnaby dental clinic. Our dentist in Burnaby suggests this procedure for patients who’s tooth has severe damage or decay. Patients can schedule a consultation with us to evaluate their oral health and suggest the best treatment plan based on their situation. Tooth extractions are to be performed by a dentist near you for the following reasons:

Tooth Decay

Tooth removal is mostly done for patients experiencing tooth decay; it is usually the case that patients with an unhealthy tooth had many years without a proper dental checkup near them. Tooth decay is a development of a bacteria which can take years to evolve into a severe case that requires extraction. The first signs of tooth decay are stains on the front-end areas (the enamel); then, the dentin starts deteriorating. If the bacteria develop and reach the centre of the tooth, also known as the pulp, our dentist in Burnaby define it as a root canal infection. If patients go years without a proper dental checkup, they will likely experience severe infection and discomfort in their mouth. If a tooth is extracted, tooth restoration treatments are offered at a dentist near you to prevent your oral health.
Cavities can be prevented and treated if dental cleanings and exams are performed every six months. Schedule your bi-annual dental cleaning appointment with our dentist in Burnaby.

Gum Disease

Like tooth decay, gum disease affects the teeth if not treated on time. If a patient experiences gum disease and it is not treated, it affects the gum and tissues surrounding the teeth to give them support and protection. If the surrounding areas of a tooth become weak, the tooth becomes weak and loose. If this is the case, the tooth may fall on its own or require a tooth extraction near you to prevent further complications.

Overcrowded teeth

Suppose you or a family member undergo an orthodontic dental procedure, such as metal braces. In that case, your orthodontist may require a permanent tooth extraction with a dentist near you if your teeth are overcrowded and affect the overall result of a healthy smile. Tooth extraction is good in this case to make space for your teeth to align correctly.

Impacted Teeth

An impacted tooth is one that has not erupted from the gum line; some causes of impacted teeth are overcrowded, twisted or tilted teeth. Wisdom teeth are a good example of this condition; wisdom teeth are usually removed because the jaw may not have a place to accommodate them. Tooth extraction for impacted teeth can be performed with our dentist in Burnaby.

Tooth breakage

If a dentist near you suggests performing a dental crown on a tooth that broke just at the gum line, it may mean that they need to perform a tooth extraction to accommodate the restorative dental solutions, which can be a dental crown or implant.

After our dentist in Burnaby has performed the tooth extraction, they will put gauze over the tooth socket and apply pressure to slow the bleeding and prevent a dry socket. Follow the instructions from a dentist near you and your oral hygiene routine to preserve good oral health.

Our dental clinic in Burnaby offers sedation dentistry options for patients who suffer from dental anxiety, bad gag reflex, or patients who would like a more comfortable experience during their tooth extraction.

Call or book an appointment with our dentist near you to treat your oral dental issues and clear your smile from undesired infections. Commit to a healthy smile with us at Eagle Creek Dental.