One of the most popular restorative dentistry procedures is the placement of dental crowns. To repair a tooth’s shape, strength, and function, custom-made caps are fitted over the affected area. Dental crowns near you are frequently used to address a number of dental conditions, including:

  • Tooth decay: A crown can be used to restore a tooth’s structure and stop additional decay when it has been significantly deteriorated or damaged.
  • Cracks or fractures: A crown can help shield a tooth with a significant crack or fracture from further harm and restore its function.
  • Discoloration: Crowns can be used to hide a discolored tooth or to make teeth that are crooked or uneven look better.
  • After a root canal: To protect and restore the function of the treated tooth, a crown may be fitted over it.

What is the Procedure for Getting Dental Crowns?

A dental crown usually requires two appointments to complete the treatment.

During the initial visit, your dentist will shape the tooth to fit the crown and remove any decayed or damaged material during the initial session. The custom-designed crown will next be manufactured in a dental lab after they take an imprint of the tooth. The tooth will be covered by a temporary crown until the permanent one is prepared.

The second session will involve the removal of the temporary crown and the use of dental adhesive to secure the permanent crown in place. Before completing and polishing the crown, the dentist will make sure that it fits well and that the bite is not problematic.

A dental crown can provide a robust and functional tooth for many years with proper care. The long-term success of your crown can be increased by practicing good oral hygiene, scheduling routine dental exams, and avoiding meals that require chewing. See your dentist in Burnaby to establish the best course of action for your particular circumstances if you believe you might benefit from a dental crown.

Deciding on the Right Dental Crown for You

There are various things to think about while selecting the best dental implant crown. Here are some essential considerations:

  • Material: Many materials, including porcelain, ceramic, metal alloys, and composite resin, can be used to create dental implant crowns. To choose the best option for your particular needs, discuss your choices with your dentist as each material has specific benefits and drawbacks of its own.
  • Size and shape: The size and contour of the dental implant crown should be carefully chosen to match your natural teeth and provide a snug fit. To construct a crown that looks and feels natural, your dentist will consider elements such as the size of the gap, the alignment of your teeth, and the shape of your neighboring teeth.
  • Color: The dental implant crown’s color should be chosen to blend well with your neighboring teeth. To construct a crown that perfectly complements your smile, your dentist will consider elements including the color of your original teeth, any stains or discolorations, and your personal preferences.
  • Cost: Depending on the components utilized, the difficulty of the process, and other elements, the cost of dental implant crowns can vary. Your dentist will give you a comprehensive estimate of the cost and, if necessary, assist you in looking into financing possibilities.

Dental Crowns in Burnaby

The ideal dental implant crown will ultimately depend on your individual requirements and preferences. You can select a crown that looks great, feels wonderful, and offers long-lasting performance and durability by working closely with our dentist near you and carefully weighing all of your alternatives.

At Eagle Creek Dental Centre, we are committed to providing you with the best possible oral healthcare. We offer dental crowns near you with experienced dentists and a friendly office environment.