If you are a couple of decades old, you likely have at least some dental fillings made of amalgam. For decades, amalgam fillings in Burnaby were the only options for dentists to use when it came to restoring teeth. Since then, there have been advances in dentistry, and we now have the option for composite fillings, which many prefer for their natural appearance. Amalgam fillings near you have a lifespan of about 10-15 years and eventually need replacing. In this article, our team at Eagle Creek Dental outlines the reasons why you should consider replacing your amalgam fillings with composite fillings.

1. Your Amalgam Fillings Are Worn

If you have noticed that your amalgam fillings are loose, bacteria are likely able to get around them and affect your teeth. You must visit our dentist near you as soon as possible to get your filling replaced and prevent decay from occurring and progressing. If left untreated, tooth decay can lead to the need for a root canal and even tooth extractions.

2. You Have Noticed Problems with Your Amalgam Fillings

Since amalgam fillings are not bonded to your teeth and instead packed in to fill the empty space, they do not add any support or strength to the tooth’s structure. When pressure is applied to the filling, it can cause your tooth to chip or crack. Additionally, because amalgam fillings are made of metal, they expand and contract in response to changes in temperature. These movements can also cause the filling to loosen and allow bacteria to enter the tooth. If you have experienced any of the above problems, it is a good idea to visit our dentist in Burnaby to get your fillings replaced.

3. You Are Worried About the Mercury in Amalgam Fillings

Some individuals are worried about the mercury content in amalgam fillings due to the potential health risks it poses. Amalgam fillings are composed of a mixture of mercury, tin, silver, and copper. Once hardened to your tooth, amalgam fillings release low levels of mercury over their lifetime. These levels of mercury are not enough to pose a significant risk to your health, but the prospect still makes a lot of people uncomfortable.

4. You Would Like a More Aesthetically Pleasing Look

Since amalgam fillings are silver in color, they are obvious in your smile and when you laugh. Alternatively, composite fillings are designed to match the color of your tooth and practically unnoticeable to onlookers. If you dislike the appearance of your amalgam fillings, visit our clinic to have them replaced with composite fillings.

5. You Don’t Mind Getting Fillings Replaced Frequently

While amalgam fillings typically last ten to fifteen years, composite fillings only last five to ten years, which means they will have to be replaced more often. Amalgam is cheaper and stronger than composite material. If you are comfortable with more frequent filling replacements, then you may want to consider discussing the possibility of getting your amalgam fillings replaced with composite fillings with your dentist in the near future.

If you are interested in learning more about composite fillings and how they can benefit you, please get in touch with our team of dedicated dental professionals at Eagle Creek Dental today. We are happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have and help you weigh the pros and cons of each filling material so that you can leave our office feeling satisfied with your decision. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to book a consultation today!