It’s common knowledge that dentists recommend coming in for a dental cleaning and checkup every six months. This is important to not only establish a baseline of your oral health but so that both you and your dentist can keep track of how things are changing in your mouth over time.

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Receiving Oral Exams in Burnaby

When you come in to receive a dental exam from a dentist near you, your dentist will first inquire about your medical history, including whether you’re taking any medications, allergies, and if you smoke. Knowing such information will help your dentist make informed decisions regarding diagnosis and treatments.

Next, they’ll perform a comprehensive evaluation of your teeth and gums. They may take a series of dental x-rays too. This allows your dentist to detect any potential problems in your mouth that are not visible to the naked eye. X-rays are safe for patients of all ages, as they emit an extremely minimal level of radiation.

Oral cancer screening also occurs during dental exams. Early detection is crucial to effectively treat as well as prevent all types of cancers. Oral cancer, in particular, can spread from your mouth quite quickly if left unaddressed.

Your dentist will then proceed with the actual cleaning. Using a special scaling tool, they’ll remove the plaque and tartar from the surface of your teeth and along your gum line. Your teeth will be flossed and polished with a gritty paste that penetrates below your enamel to remove stains.

Once you’ve rinsed, it’s time for the fluoride treatment. This can be done either by swishing a liquid form of fluoride around your mouth or by putting a foamy gel-like version of it into plastic trays that sit over top of both rows of your teeth. The fluoride sits on your teeth for a minute and then you’ll rinse out your mouth again.

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What Conditions Can Be Detected Through an Oral Exam?

Dental exams can help preserve and maintain the oral health of people of all ages. By coming in for a cleaning and checkup regularly, you’ll be able to save yourself time, money, and headaches that come with the need for more complicated dental treatments down the road.

These appointments typically take no longer than an hour, and can help detect multiple dental issues too, including the following:

1. Hidden issues.

There’s only so much that a dentist can observe with their eyes, which is why x-rays and high-quality imaging is so necessary. 3D scans can detect things below the surface of your gums and within your bone structure. Budding infections, bacteria amalgamating, and potential wisdom teeth eruption are just a few examples of dental phenomena that can be detected.

2. Cavities.

Cavities can be big or small, but regardless of their size, they still impact your oral health to some degree. Although minor cavities aren’t as serious, if they’re left untreated, they can grow, and cause damage and decay to multiple teeth as well as bone deterioration. Often, the need for root canal therapy arises from a cavity.

3. A detailed pathology screening.

This process refers to examining your oral tissues such as gum tissue, tongue tissue, and the tissues that cover the roof or bottom of your mouth. Tests can be run to see if any abnormal lesions are present; one notable test is a biopsy, which helps health practitioners diagnose and prevent cancerous cells from spreading.

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